Premiere: Tummyache – In Between

Remember the name Soren Bryce. After releasing an album under her own name last year, the Texas songwriter/producer is back under a new pseudonym, Tummyache – a project named after one of the side effects of severe physical anxiety. Today we premiere the first Tummyache single ‘In Between.’

Combining the rich tones of Sharon Van Etten and the vulnerability of Julien Baker, Bryce sounds rawer than ever on ‘In Between.’ Throwing off the armour of her more folk-indebted past, Bryce surrounds herself with fraught, meditative guitars that match the emotion present in her voice. She sounds brooding, pregnant with her own emotion, casting it off only when an army of drums transports her above the surface. Once there, a primal desire emerges, “I wanna feel better” she sings repeatedly, desperately even. Bryce might not be at her happiest but as Tummyache she’s found her true calling.

In Between is out June 21 on Palo Santo Records

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