Premiere: Frydstads Markiser – Easily Bored

“Why do I bother?” questions Norweigian songwriter Jorgen Frydstad AKA Frydstads Markiser on new single ‘Easily Bored.’ That question paired with the poorly drawn doodle on the accompanying video perfectly encapsulates his slack-rock, comic sans aesthetic. The frenetic structure of the 98-second single sharply parallels ‘Light Up Gold’-era Parquet Courts, while the lyrics share characteristics more akin to Sidney Gish and Courtney Barnett; “I’m tired of sitting still / just want to walk around” he sings wryly. An absorbent guitar part stretches the song’s wings a little but it soon falls back into its banal-like rhythm. That banality, that ability to capture the mundane without breaking a sweat is what will set Frydstads Markiser apart. ‘Easily Bored’ is compelling evidence he knows that all too well.

Easily Bored is out Friday 28th June

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