Video premiere: Basins – Move Slow

Hailing from Seattle, lo-fi quintet Basins released their sophomore record ‘Porchlight’ in January. Today we premiere the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Move Slow’.

‘Move Slow’ is the pattern you draw in condensation on your shower pane, fleeting, blurred and forever threatened by the fog surrounding it. Basins share characteristics with Hovvdy and Bedhead, yet they also have a keen pop sensibility, just listen to the close of “Move Slow” where the duo echo Whitney, singing in tandem over lush instrumentation. When embarking on a major change in your life, people might say ‘do it in babysteps’, and that’s what “Move Slow” is, a documentation of the gradual move to a place of clarity where singers Shane Haworth and Tommy Sandri “can stare straight into the sun.” It’s a bildungsroman-like tale and one you won’t want to stop hearing anytime soon.

Porchlight is out now

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