Album premiere: Mermaid Book Club – Relatable Content

Mermaid Book Club’s ‘Relatable Content’ sounds like the early throes of infatuation, the cliched butterflies in the stomach, the dopamine injection in your brain, the downright giddiness of it all. Coming in at just under 20 minutes, it’s a lovestruck collection of earworms that hits as instantly as love at first sight.  Today we premiere the album ahead of its July 19th release.

The Missoula quartet never aspire to be rational, and that carefree, naive ethos makes itself heard in their nonchalant, playful sound. They can’t half stumble upon a good anecdote, most likely borne from their own experiences. ‘Tire Rama’ opens with the line, “You popped my tire / what the fuck dude” while ‘Tacos’ is about a partner who chose the triangular-shaped snacks over a loved one. They spare us absolutely none of the gory detail, indeed one love interest even shits themselves.

The riffs are bouncy, the bass jaunty and the drums title-tattling, a combination that reeks joy. The choruses though, wow, they’re so dense they sweep you off your fleet, put candyfloss in your hands before kicking you off to somewhere fantastical. 

Covered head to toe in colour, ‘Relatable Content’ is a kaleidoscope, you can’t hold it back. Listen exclusively below. 

Relatable Content is out July 19 on Anything Bagel Records

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