Premiere: Daniel – Smaller Creatures to Bury

Today we premiere the video for Daniel’s debut single, a new solo project from former Spills member Chad. It’s released on Bodys – a forward-thinking promoter and record label based in Wakefield – this Friday.  

So much of our life is predicated on our memories of the past and premonitions for the future. Yet these memories are often fragmented, becoming more inaccessible over time, while our predictions often don’t consider what life actually is – unexpected events and our responses to them. On ‘Smaller Creatures to Bury’, Daniel explores our essential contradictions; pragmatically, experience is all we have to base our decisions upon, yet what we have barely ever adds up to something you could call ‘informed.’ “The song is about balancing the past and future with the present, even when the future and past mutate, and can’t be guessed or even truly remember” he says. 

Above hushed drums and a winding Chastity Belt-like guitar, Daniel’s fragile, faltering voice struggles through these tough questions, singing ‘What sense is grounding / when I can’t make sense of my own two feet.’ ‘Smaller Creatures to Bury’ is discursive, treading a path all of its own. Indeed, it metamorphoses wonderfully in the chorus, opening like a flower in bloom, but caves in on itself when the added instrumentation falls away, leaving Daniel alone, singing ‘Conversations that I don’t remember / come to me in most of these nights.’ Daniel’s memories may be foggy but this as assured and as concrete a debut single you’re likely to hear for some time.

Daniel plays his first live show in support of Advance Base at Chantry Chapel in Wakefield on July 29. 

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