Premiere: Rey Villalobos – Donut Girl

Joy Division’s live recording of ‘Sister Ray’, originally a Velvet Underground song, at London’s Moscow Club in 1980 has become notorious, legendary even. Los Angeles’ Rey Villalobos’ pairing of basement, lo-fi effects and his acerbic Lou Reed-like croon on new single, ‘Donut Girl’ brings that historic recording to mind.  

The follow-up to ‘Breathe’, this is Villalobos’ second release under his birth name, having previously gone under the moniker, House of Wolves. Its likeness to that Joy Division recording explained by its conception – ‘Donut Girl’ was recorded in Villalobos’ one room garage studio apartment with no vocal effects.

Taken off forthcoming EP ‘1997’, ‘Donut Girl’ opens with a contorting, bounding guitar and pronounced vocals. Studio mastery sees voices overlap before they’re swallowed up entirely by the rising tide of the guitars, only the odd high-note flinging a visible limb over the irrepressible current. A posturing final chorus sees calmer seas emerge from the murk. Villalobos’ final urging for a lover to ‘to become my donut girl’ proving almost irresistible. 

‘1997’ is out September 17

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