Five Right Now: Chloe Foy

February saw Chloe Foy release ‘Callous Copper’, a collection of songs old and new re-imagined within the setting of a string quarter. Time and time again female singer-songwriters are wrongly pigeonholed as heart-stopping or angelic, yet Foy’s songs, particularly with the added heft of a string quartet, overwhelm you with their power, submitting you into a stunned silence. The title track is instant, you’re bewitched from the off by the intricacy of Foy’s winding guitar arrangements coupled with her distinctive vocal that lands somewhere between Kate Bush and Joanna Newsome. Whilst ‘Song For D’ finds her operating in the trad-folk territory, the type of song that Bonnie Light Horseman might’ve reimagined for their latest LP. ‘Callous Copper’s’ most impressive feature is the variety it contains, as illustrated by the cover of Neil Young’s ‘Birds’ that falls between the aforementioned tracks. For those new to Foy’s work, it makes for a neatly packaged introduction to an artist ready to forsake the well-beaten path of those who have gone before. 

Check out Foy’s ‘Five Right Now’ selections below: 

Madison Cunningham – Pin It Down

This lady is a force to be reckoned with. This is nose-wrinkling stuff and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been listening to her album on repeat for the last few weeks. She is hugely talented and I can’t wait for her to play in the UK. 

Mick Flannery – Wasteland

This guy has been around for a while and is pretty big in Ireland but I’d never come across him. I saw him perform at Folk Alliance in January and I was utterly captivated. He made me cry and I had shivers. There’s just such raw emotion in his voice and performance.

The Clementines – Calm Down

Well this is just delightful, whimsical and clever. I love their use of instrumentation, led by strings with a chamber-like feel. Though it’s non-conforming it leaves me wanting more of the very catchy main melody. I can’t wait to see what their album will be like.

Hannah Ashcroft – Landfire

A fellow Manchester artist, Hannah Ashcroft has been grafting away in the last couple of years, playing superb guitar and BVs in a few Manchester bands, but her main thing is her solo project and she’s just released this absolute stunner of a track.

Kate Davis – Daisy

Someone introduced me to this tune recently and it’s wonderful. It’s like folk-grunge-rock or something and is very clever with its lyrics and use of rhythm in the vocal. She co-wrote Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Seventeen’, and you can hear the thread run through here. Super cool.

‘Callous Copper’ is out now via AntiFragile

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