New song: BABii – Snake

On new single ‘Snake’, Margate-based sound architect BABii realises that the only way to free herself of a bad spirit is to express it through song. ‘A vicious ode to a manipulative spiteful person who has caused me, and a lot of people who are close to me, so much emotional pain’, ‘Snake’ is proudly petulant, an expulsion of hatred atop bombastic, bone shaking beats. Cresting and breaking synths make for an air of malice that bubbles under throughout, the foundations finally caving in when slithering, winding electronics clash with a bass that could crack firm gravel. A builder in all senses, BABii constructed the set for the ‘Snake’ video and has previously built machines that allowed attendees at an interactive clubnight, hosted alongside collaborators Chk Chk Chk (!!!) and Why?, to insert tokens to change the music and visuals onstage. ‘Snake’ is proof she’s just as comfortable at tearing the wall down as raising it from the ground up.  

‘Snake’ is taken from forthcoming EP ‘iii’, out March 27 on GLOO

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