New song: Francis of Delirium – Circles

By Sage Shemroske

“Stayed way too close to let you go / not close enough to feel like home” sings Jana Bahrich on ‘Circles’, Francis of Delirium’s new single. At just 18 she’s familiar with the pitfalls of intimacy, of feeling completely entwined with someone and yet not allowed in. Her songwriting gives the idea that she has done a lot of traveling and changing of paths, but this feels like a final molting with the strongest skin yet emerging. Her voice strains against the idea of suffocation, “I can’t breathe at all”. She pushes against what restrains her or what keeps her stuck in the same cycle. Her guitar gains speed acting as more of a pulse than a pillar, not generating the blood but rushing it out. It’s a layered sound with indie rock’s edges but emo’s soul and struggle. ‘Circles’ works in a series of build and release, build and release. The track pauses ever so slightly to reveal its own intricacies- the scratch of fingerpicked guitar strings, Bahrich’s voice lowering with a delicate piano softening the blows, all before getting caught up in Chris Hewett’s drumming again. Hewett allows for a glint right before the chorus pulls the tide again. The track does a tight walk between despair and clarity, there are moments of certainty but the band is never entirely unencumbered. ‘Circles’ starts solemn and gains ferocity as it expands. Here we find Bahrich trying to find the light, fingertips stretched outward. Bahrich picks up the pace “my head’s not going under”, refusing to stop or maybe unable to before finally letting go. Francis of Delirium manage to change the current right before they slip down the drain.

‘Circles’ is out now on Dalliance Recordings

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