New song: Forever Honey – Twenty-Five

Age anxiety feels particularly prevalent right now. Ever since the global pandemic hit, each and every one of us is facing the precarity of our existence head-on. Though I should be adjusting to the new circumstances of my existence, internally I’m presiding over selfish arguments, questioning whether I’ve made the most of my twenty-seven years. New York City group, Forever Honey relay their own age anxiety story on new single ‘Twenty-Five’. An age that induces a harsh self-reckoning, twenty-five is the point where you begin to battle with the expectations of what a twenty-five-year-old should be – I’m 25 now I should be at this point in my career, I’m 25 now I can’t be having late nights like this anymore. 

“I thought I’d never say / I’m looking more like you every day / it’s not a bad thing / I just wanna recognise my face”, Liv Price sings in the chorus, feeling the vigour of youth slip through her fingers as she starts to resemble her mother more and more with every day that passes. An electrifying riff rumbles in the background implausibly partnering with glistening dreampop keys. On paper it sounds impossible but in practice they work together like legendary crime detectives, one needing the other to reach their true potential. Forever Honey are not afraid to indulge in big pop moments, Price repeatedly sings “hey yay yay” in the starbursting finish where you’re invited to plunge into the revelry one final time. Price may be having an existential ageing crisis, however, if her band continues to break boundaries, matching styles you never thought would complement one another, tiring of them will be nigh-on impossible.

‘25’ is out now 

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