Five Right Now: TOPS

I remember experiencing TOPS live for the first time nearly five years ago. Happily it’s a blur, though I can still feel the heat of the room and hear the sound of feet whacking against the wooden floors of Manchester’s Gullivers as people hurled their bodies back and forth. Few bands permit you to live outside yourself so entirely, silencing any fears of other’s perceptions as your spirit flagrantly flees your bodily confines for a little while.

That night Jade Penny, the band’s vocalist and songwriter, sported a Chastity Belt t-shirt long before the Seattle group reached the heady heights they occupy now. So it’s little surprise that Penny, a week on from the release of her band’s fourth record ‘I Feel Alive‘, still has her finger so firmly on the pulse as her ‘Five Right Now’ selections go to show.

Cecile Believe – Last Thing He Said To Me In Person

We’ve been big fans of Cecile’s production and vocal performances for years now. She’s a bit of a shape shifter, but if you’re a devoted fan you’ll recognize her voice from the latest Sophie record and her previous solo project Mozart’s Sister. She entered the game with more talent than the rest of us but she’s constantly honing her craft, everything she releases is better and better. 

Forever – Make It Happen

Local Montreal poetesse who makes club hits. This song was produced by Project Pablo and I love the instrumental, super lush and supportive. Also love the feature by Just John, it brings the track to a whole other level. It’s always impressive when a featured rap is the earworm that stays in your head after listening. 

Dana Gavanski – Yesterday Is Gone

I love this song and video, shot in the metro stations of Montreal. Completed for the 1967 expo, the metro stations all have a colorful pop art meets brutalist architecture, and each station has its own unique design. She chose some of our favorites. The song has a casual and honest feel.

Gazm – Space Truckin’

Montreal’s finest hardcore band, maybe even the planet’s… This self aware country rock anthem is summertime beer drinkin’ perfection. 

Anemone – Sunshine (Back To The Start) 

More Montreal. Ultimate psych-rock slash 80s disco-pop, it’s really fun! Chloe might appear to be the lead singer but in fact she’s the mastermind behind all the song-writing and production. We played in an Abba cover band together this last halloween, and it was quite a good time! 

‘I Feel Alive’ is out now on Musique Tops

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