New song: BUGS – Nick Gowland

Screenshots of middle-aged men proffering advice to wxmen musicians are tragically commonplace on social media feeds. “Love the song but at this point I would’ve done that”, “Have you tried your guitar in this tuning?”, yada yada yada. To South London four-piece BUGS those men are what you’d call Nick Gowlands – a common noun of their own invention for those most likely to drop by the merch table and ‘educate’ you on guitars. The rage simmers on their debut single never combusting into the inferno threatened by the song’s subject matter. The shoegaze-indebted guitars are light and stretched out like that final drop of drink when you’ve fallen on hard times. Alice Western’s voice is nasal, teetering over the edge to get a look at the drop but never letting the wind take her. They espouse a restraint that Nick Gowlands across the world should exercise when their fingers hover over the dm button, when their bodies turn toward the merch stand. Perhaps quarantine may offer a rare moment for re-valuation, an unending stare into the void. Until then though, we join Western in proclaiming, “Fuck Nick Gowland. Fuck all Nick Gowlands!”

 ‘Nick Gowland’ is out now on Sad Club Records

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