New Song: Green Gardens – Buried in Snow

Previously we described Leeds’ Green Gardens as a group with impeccable harmonies and charmingly restrained rhythms. The desert rock riff that opens new single ‘Buried in Snow’ downright near sandblasts that restrained tag off. Taken from forthcoming EP ‘Sauna, Teach Me How to Breathe’, the single is frankly dizzying, its waves calming and crashing at a rate not even possible of this earth. Described by the band as a ‘call for action to the inactive’, it couldn’t feel more ill-advised right now, when lying on the sofa and binge eating popcorn is an act of heroism. Our inner saboteurs remain ever-present, no matter the state of the outside world, and when together they harmonise, “quick becomes slow as you’re buried in snow to your throat”, that lumpen weight presses down on us like a corpse again, its power reawakened fleetingly. If I was to have one criticism, it is that the desert rock riff zig zags in and out too regularly, its arrival occasionally feeling forced and unwanted. For the most part though, ‘Buried in Snow’ is instantly relatable and yet another sign of Green Gardens’ emergence as an increasingly vital component of our ecosystem.       

‘Buried in Snow’ is out now

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