Balloon Machine Presents

‘Balloon Machine Presents’ are specially curated evenings in Manchester, UK. We pick two or three acts we love, usually they’ve featured on the website or are scheduled to be, and put them on in unique venues. Set-times are published well-ahead, this means that people with accessibility issues can plan their evening. All shows aim to be finished by 10.30pm (latest), sleep is nearly as important to us as music!


Broken Chanter + Moonsoup + Randolph’s Leap at Gullivers Lounge, Manchester, Saturday 21 March

David MacGregor (Broken Chanter), Adam Ross (Randolph’s Leap) and Niamh Baker (Moonsoup) will be performing their own, and each other’s songs together and separately at this wonderful, intimate showcase of the extraordinary talents that Scotland continues to yield.

£6 tickets

Josienne Clarke + Good Good Blood at The Castle Hotel, Manchester, Wednesday 15 April

After releasing her solo debut ‘In All Weather’ to much acclaim in November, Josienne Clarke travels north to headline our April showcase. Support comes from Good Good Blood, his new album ‘At Your Mercy’ came out on Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records on Friday 24 January.

‘In All Weather’

Loud & Quiet 9/10
Mojo 8/10
Q 8/10
Uncut 4/5

£8 tickets

JFDR at Gullivers Ballroom, Manchester, Sunday 10 May

Jófríður Ákadóttir began her musical career as a 14-year-old in Reykjavik, forming Pascal Pinon with her twin sister and a pair of friends. She went on to co-found electronic trio Samaris and became a member of Icelandic supergroup Gangly, before launching her solo project JFDR in 2017. Forthcoming record ‘New Dreams’ will be the eighth album she’s released in eight years. It’s her best album yet and we can’t wait to see it in the flesh on Sunday 10 March.

£8 tickets


Crake + Gold Baby at The Eagle Inn, Salford, Saturday 08 February 2020


Gold Baby

Daughter of Swords + Dog Daisies at The Castle Hotel, Manchester, Friday 24 January

Daughter of Swords

Katy Kirby + Omes + Papergirl at Gullivers Lounge, Manchester, Tuesday 15 October

Katy Kirby

Credit: Andy Iveson


Credit: Andy Iveson


Credit: Andy Iveson

Natalie Evans, Bonniesongs and Tea Leaf at The Castle Hotel, Manchester, Sunday 22 September.

Natalie Evans

Credit: Paul Samuel


Credit: Paul Samuel


Credit: Paul Samuel

Merival, Elk & Robbie Thompson at The Eagle Inn, Salford, 12 September.



GHUM, Aufbau Principle and Cat Apostrophe at The Castle Hotel, Manchester, July 15


Credit: Paul Samuel
Credit: Paul Samuel
Credit: Mojojo

Aufbau Principle

Credit: Paul Samuel
Credit: Mojojo

Cat Apostrophe

Credit: Mojojo
Credit: Mojojo