“Monastery monochrome, boom balloon machine and oh
Diamond rings and gutter bones, marching up the mountain
With our aching planning, high and smiling
Cheap drink, dark and violent
Full of butterflies, the violent tenderness
The sweet asylum.”
Big Thief, Mary

Welcome to Balloon Machine, a music blog dedicated to supporting new Alternative & DIY music. The site was founded by Manchester music writer, Paddy Kinsella. After writing for various places over the years (GoldFlakePaint, Line of Best Fit, Clash etc), I decided to create my own platform to support artists making alternative & DIY music. When I first began the site, I worked in Public Relations at the University of Salford. I’m now a music publicist at Someone Great PR.

The Balloon Machine team also comprises of writers Sage Shemroske (Anchor Magazine, Bad Pony Mag, Peach Magazine) and Anjali DasSarma (Opinions Editor at The Retriever).

As well as writing about new under-the-radar acts, we’re also passionate about people attending gigs and seeing new artists live. As a result we launched Balloon Machine Presents – a curated monthly showcase in Manchester, featuring artists who we’ve highlighted on the website.

Balloon Machine is about new music. You’ll find new tracks, new albums and playlists of the best songs from each month here. Expect interviews, cute features and track-by-track guides too!

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