New song: A.O. Gerber – In The Morning

‘In The Morning’ is the towering lead single from LA-based artist A.O. Gerber’s forthcoming debut record ‘Another Place to Need’. After a cleansing, revitalising start, the true colours of ‘In The Morning’ shine fiery red, Gerber letting loose in a rage which refuses to simmer until the song burns out. Though balm-like in the beginning, her voice turns malignant as she contrasts the wincing pain of a tumultuous past relationship with the surrounding natural beauty visible from her car window as she races on to Oregon. A collective wolf howl skirts her despair, rising and falling, appearing and vanishing. James Bond-like drama, which wouldn’t have looked out of place on Angel Olsen’s latest record, arrives in the form of whole-bodied brass and strings, they bounce off one another emitting a sense of foreboding as if the ground is preparing to give way under Gerber’s wheels. She does reach her destination however, one final gasp of relief escaping her before she turns the key, the engine rumbling to silence.

‘Another Place To Need’ is out May 22 via Hand In Hive / Copper Mouth Records